What Is a Birth Doula and How Do They Help People?

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience for many women. Even with all the pain and changes to their body, most females would not trade in this experience for anything in the world. While pregnancy and child birthing are a satisfying aspect of woman’s life; she still needs help get through both processes. Many pregnant women have a support network that consist of a pediatrician, a family doctor and pregnancy counselors. Some women even have a doula to help them with this fantastic experience. What is a doula? Keep reading to discover what a doula is and how they help women during after pregnancy.

What Exactly Is a Doula?

Doula is a word that has its origins from the Greek language. The word literally means lady servant. However, modern doulas are not just servants. They are more like guides and supporters. Some people even refer to them as baby gurus. They can also be called a birth attendant or a pregnancy coach. Keep in mind that doulas are not commonly known to most people. Pediatricians might reference them, and some hospitals might mention them in passing; but if a person is not familiar with a doula they probably will just overlook who they are and what they do.

Of course, this would be a big mistake since doulas are extremely helpful to the birthing process. DONA is the largest certification organization for professional doulas. They encourage all birthing mothers to use the services of a highly trained and qualified doula expert. These individuals just make the birthing process so much better. There is a doula program services salt lake city ut available for women interested in this field.

Doula Training Simplified

Doulas are highly trained and well-paid individuals. The average doula earns at least $72,000 a year. Doulas who are paid on the lower end still bring in a lot of cash. They make at least $50,000 annually. Some doulas earn close to $140,000. CAPPA is another doula certification organization. They provide an outline of the process that a person must go through to become a doula.

First, a person will have to complete a 2-year doula course. Courses are offered through community organizations and hospitals. However, some colleges do have this profession listed as a major. Students will learn the ins and outs of the birthing process and they will understand it from a medical perspective. They will have to experience many live births and take a clinical approach with helping women through their pregnancy and birthing process. Once training is complete, a student must get registered with a certified doula organization. After they receive their certification they will then be eligible to work in this field. They can then find a job working with local mothers at hospitals or clinics.

Doulas and the Impact They Have on Birthing Mothers

Doulas help couples and single ladies to have a better experience during the pregnancy and the birthing process. Many Doulas help women to have a more relaxing and enjoyable pregnancy period. They can teach women how to eat healthy and even how to properly eat junk foods when they want to binge. They also teach men how to support their women during pregnancy. Doulas simply make things better for soon-to-be mothers by simply showing them the best way to have a child and how to take care of them after birth.