Trans-fat – silent killer

Russians reveal how truly harmful is the industrial processed food.

While mankind has not invented margarine, all existing fats were divided of animal and herbal. For more useful fats are considered those from herbal origin. Animal fats are less healthy, but in the opinion of many Russian nutritionists, they should not be completely avoided. The most important thing is not to make more than 7% of the daily calorie intake. With the discovery of trans-fats have occurred many myths about their advantages and disadvantages. Where we are today and – can we use them without any harm to our health? Trans-fats are solid parts of fat obtained from vegetable oils by a process of hydrogenation. At high temperatures – liquid vegetable oils are saturated with a hydrogen bubbles, and the result is the creation of unsaturated fatty acids with an irregular (distorted) molecular structure. Products with trans-fats are all around us: margarines, finished food products (cakes, cookies, biscuits, and especially puff pastry, i.e. croissants), fast food, made soups, many types of chocolates and ice-creams, semi-finished products (breaded fish, breaded stuffed meats, frozen processed meat products …), mayonnaise, most of cheeses without cholesterol… All of this food contains trans-fats, just like some cheese products – ready cheesecake, petals for hot sandwiches…

Harmful effects

Our body doesn’t process the trans-fats, which means that they cannot be properly digested. Thus unprocessed, they accumulate in the body and in the processes of the metabolism are removing the required essential fatty acids of the cell membranes. Trans-fats block the synthesis of the ferments (enzymes) and prevents the diet of the cell, which then – due to the altered fats that are now used – does not relieves harmful substances. Thus modified fat cells are unable to produce hormones.

Why then are they used?

Unlike natural fats and oils, artificially produced margarines are quite cheap, do not spoil at room temperature and easily receive a taste of synthetic flavorings. Moreover, trans-fats can long be used for frying without changing the taste (on them you can fry donuts, French-fries or some other fast food). Exactly all of these characteristics make the trans-fats accessible for using in the food industry. Despite the danger to the health of the consumers and their children, by the standards of food production – they are not prohibited.

How to protect yourself?

In the conditions of modern life – it is quite difficult to protect yourself from these horrible fats. But if you carefully study the labels and packaging of the products, you will see in what products they are hiding. Moreover, less consume mayonnaise, margarine, and ready sauces. Avoid fast food, puff pastry… It is healthier to make a cake by yourselves or any cookies, using natural ingredients – maybe it will not be as tasty, but it will certainly be healthier, that is the goal. As soon as possible to discard the trans-fats from the body, eat sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, fish and seafood, spicy green herbs, spinach, broccoli, kale, cauliflower… Spice the salads with unrefined oils (corn, olive or pumpkin …). Trans-fats are slowly discharged from the body, and therefore they are called the silent killer. Make sure of your health and the health of your closest ones. Simplified and poorly cooked food – is much healthier, though perhaps not always so tasty.

If on the label you read one of these synonyms, make sure that inside there are trans-fats:
  • hydrogenated (or partially hydrogenated) herbal oil;
  • modified herbal fat;
  • saturated fat;
  • margarine;
  • oil;
  • combined fat;
  • substitute for cocoa butter.