Lung cancer: the specifics of herbs treatment

Russian expert, physiotherapist with extensive experience represents “the winning threesome” focused on diseases of the respiratory tract, but he mentioned that in treatment you must be correct, consistent and persistent.

Corresponds Andrei Nikolaevich Aljofirov, doctor of higher category, physiotherapist

It takes such ill person to take tincture of Aconitum napellus by pattern, tincture of the herb Euphorbia fischeriana, (it is a plant of the genus Euphorbiceae) and liquid from mixture of herbs with anti-inflammatory action for expectorant and against cough, as well as immune-modulating and anti-cancerous effect.

Anti-microbial agents

The recipe of antibacterial herbs oriented for diseases of the respiratory system, I call it the “the winning threesome,” says dr. Andrew. It includes wild rosemary, chubrika and Icelandic moss, mixed in equal parts.

A tablespoon from the mixture of these three herbs put it in a container that is not metal or plastic (preferably in earthen baking dish or ceramic cup with thin walls), and pour it with a cup of boiling water. Let it stay closed for one hour. Take ¼ cup from the drink, four times a day.

As antibacterial herbs you can also use eucalyptus, sage, cilantro, angelica, basil, clove, violet, anise, mint.

Improving of the personal sense

From my experience I can name the two effective agents that have a positive effect on personal feeling – and they are Aconitum napellus and Euphorbia fischeriana. Thanks to the use of Aconitum napellus, to the sick becomes appreciably easier with the final dose tincture. The pain subsides, the working ability improves, appears optimism. If you choose a five percentage tincture of Aconitum napellus root, the initial daily dose of 45 drops divide it in 15 drops one hour before meals, three times daily. You can mix them with water in a brandy glass (the volume of water has no meaning). The scheme of taking the drops should be gradually increased, and by the 30th day you should take for 30 drops, three times a day (90 drops per day), and from that day to reduce the dose until the termination. The total treatment lasts 59 days. Adults with an average body weight 60-70 kg, use 1.5 ml of tincture of five percentage tincture of Euphorbia fischeriana root daily. Both plants represent strong immune-modulators. I advise you together with it, to drink liquid from these herbs: thistle, watery lentil – whole herb, black elderberry, a large plantain – two parts, weeds, Chubrika – one part. Take this drink three times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

A tablespoon from the mixture pour it with 200ml water. Keep it on steam for 15 minutes, and let it stay. While it is still hot, add 0,5ml five percentage tincture from Euphorbia fischeriana, and then strain it.

The duration of the taking of the mixture at the time matches with the final dose taking Aconitum napellus i.e. 59 days (two months). Between such two-month cycles make a pause from 7 to 14 days, then the treatment is repeated with the necessary correction or no correction, if there is no need. The total duration of the treatment with herbs is estimated by each case. Of course, it is considered that it can sometimes take months and sometimes years.