5 reasons to exercise with good company

If you are not motivated enough for recreation, look for a company! It is easier to keep your condition when you are having fun on the way!

Sometimes it is so hard to keep your enthusiasm and concentration for exercising – even in those days when you don’t have a problem with diabetes. Maybe you are a solo runner, or you want to exercise by yourself, but it is not giving you the results you want. Then your friend comes into play. Researches showed that the exercise with company (with one or more persons) not only helps us to be motivated, but also it helps us to lose more weight. It is time to get out from your comfort zone and try to change something. Working out with good company may surprise you. Read these 5 reasons and learn why exercising in group can be very good for you and your health.

#1 Stay focused!

Exercising with company helps us to focus on the activity and, as group, to stay on the right path. Make an exercising plan and stick to it. And if it gets very hard, you will have someone to lean on and to push you to stay focus so you can achieve your goal.

#2 You lose weight faster

You are not losing weight as much and as quick as you like? In that case you need a friend to help you with exercising! It is proved that 20% from the persons that exercise alone fail in losing weight, despite the healthy food. On the other side, persons who train with a friend support lose up to 4,5 kilograms.

#3 You are calmer

Exercising makes your brain more resistant to stress, and that effect can be much stronger when you train in company. One study, conducted by British scientists, revealed that people are considerably calmer at the end of the training, when the whole activity is performed in good company, and not alone.

#4 Competitive spirit

Researches showed that when we practice in good company, we produce endorphin in large quantities. Do you want to have an additional boost? Train with someone who is in better shape, faster and stronger than you are. That will unconsciously encourage you to exercise more and longer. You can also learn new exercises and they can point out the things you are maybe doing wrong. Are you up for a friendly competition?

#5 Improves your memory

Practice in company – you will not only feel better, but it will also improve your memory! Exercising can change your brain to protect memory and thinking skills. It directly reduces insulin resistance, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the releasing of growth factors. Scientists say that the effects from exercising in group after a year, can manifest to your memory. This maybe sounds like a long period of time, but it gives you motivation not to quit that easily.

So get up from your bed, take out with your friend and start to work out! It can be very fun and easy when you have someone to exercise with!