Women Use The Cabbage Leaf For The Breasts And The Reason Is Amazing

Many women in Europe use the cabbage for the breasts and this is because this leaf can remove inflammation and pain, especially in nursing mothers.

Also the pain is gone and soothed, the bra stress is relieved too and experts are not sure how the cabbage lowers the pain and swelling, but for sure it is a cold compress.

Either way, the studies all claim that if you nurse, you need a cabbage leaf.


Let the cabbage cool in the fridge for 60 min and when cold, peel the top layers. Throw the rest and get 2 the most inner leaves. Wash them nice with cold water and there must be no dirt or pesticides left on them.

Remove and cut the stems and place it on the breast and nipple as well. Use the cold leaves to fully wrap the whole breast. If the leaf does not cover the nipple, the remaining skin will be dry.

After 20 min, the leaf will be really warm.

Repeat in case of reoccurring pain. If you still nurse, use this leaf for lowering the swelling and making the breasts relaxed and soothed. Stop when the pain is gone.