Why is my belly bloated?

Bloating is not a medical condition but I can be a major problem.

Have you ever felt as if your abdomen is swollen like a ball, tense and hard to the touch? This feeling of pressure in the stomach is often accompanied by cramps, gas, diarrhea, and even pain in the lower back or problems with breathing. Bloating in the stomach occurs an hour after eating, while bloating in the other parts of the digestive system occurs about three hours after a meal. Furthermore bloating in the small and large intestine is usually felt from 3 to 24 hours after eating.

The most common causes
  • If you eat too fast and the food has not been chewed sufficiently it causes swallowing large quantities of air, which causes gas, bloating and belching. Each bite should be patiently and slowly chewed.
  • If you do not have a regular stool, pressure is created in the intestines which can sometimes even cause pain.
Lactose intolerance

Is a frequent cause of flatulence, although many are unaware of their intolerance to lactose. If you cannot completely remove dairy products from your diet you can start taking lactose enzymes which will help you in the digestion of lactose.

Binge eating

Hard to digest food slows digestion and creates pressure in the stomach. In the event of disturbances of the intestinal flora caused by, for example, taking antibiotics usually causes diarrhea. In this situation probiotics are usually prescribed.

Bloating in women

Can be caused by increased levels of progesterone, which leads to relaxation of stomach muscles and the food is digested more slowly, resulting in bloating and constipation.

Food that can cause bloating

Milk and dairy products. Even people who are not sensitive to lactose may have symptoms of bloating after consuming dairy products.

Food rich in fat

This type of food slows digestion and food has more time to ferment in our digestive system leading to bloating. Apples and pears can cause bloating because of the high content of fiber. Eat them in small quantities and so that you do not burden the stomach.


Are difficult to digest which causes gases to be formed in the intestines causing the feeling of bloating. However, they are a good source of protein, iron and folic acid is, and they should not be excluded from your diet, but their intake could be slightly reduced.

Beer and carbonated drinks

Cause bloating, but not because of their contents – because of the large amounts of air that is consumed with them. Let them stay in a glass for a little while before consumption.

Reheated food

The reheating process changes the molecular structure of the starch – it becomes more resistant to enzymes in the small intestine, and it is digested by intestinal bacteria from the large intestine which produces gas, and consequently bloating.

Fennel and Ginger eliminate bloating

During the preparation of the meal, use the following herbs: caraway, anise, fennel, coriander and ginger. You can make tea from these plants and drink the tea for ten days, immediately after a meal. (if your stomach is often bloated) 15 to 30 minutes before the main course. Two grams of squashed seeds from these plants can be put in a cup of warm water and left to soak for 10 to 15 minutes covered. It should be consumed two or three times a day.

Why is my belly bloated?