What affects on the immunity?

Actual conversations these days are for the viruses and bacteria, and the diseases these organisms cause. What keeps us safe is certainly our immunity. It is acquired in the first months of life, because it is passed from the mother to the baby, but it can be passive (vaccination) and active (generated by the organism). Certainly, the disease and years of life affect the weakening of immunity, which is especially pronounced in people who have undergone to treatment with chemotherapy drugs, radiation and oncology patients.

  • On the strengthening of our immune system influences the natural light, i.e. light of the sun, especially its ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended to expose ourselves to the sun at least half an hour daily.
  • Very important are proper care of the body, clean and dry rooms (without humidity and mites) in which you are staying. Excessive showering descends the protective layer of the skin and contributes frequently to create lichens and other dermal diseases.
  • Vitamins can also help, especially in natural form (vegetables and fruit), but you should consider the daily dosage to fit the needs of the organism. Special attention should be paid to vitamin C – it is best to combine it with zinc. We should not forget the microelements and minerals.
  • Fluid intake also affects the state of immunity, so try to take and drink clean water or mild herbal teas, i.e. a minimum of two liters or eight glasses of water. This is very important because of the elimination of harmful compounds from the body and for a normal kidney function.
  • Stay at a sea or the mountains – it would be ideal to go at least twice a year on vacation, and at least 14 days. Only then we adapt to the climate and our immunity goes through a process of empowerment. After two weeks, the change of the environment becomes useful, because the sun’s rays, the planktons from the sea and the mountain air begin to positively act on our immune system.

Usually the fall of the immunity many will recognize it in adynamia (lack of energy), and to such people immediately appear herpes on their mouth, which means drastically weak immunity. It can also occur shingles, nerve disease, so on the area of the skin that supplies the nerve appear vesicles (bubbles filled with liquid content, accompanied by severe pain).

The cruel statistics

The more infections you prevail throughout life, the bigger chances you have to develop depression and dementia in older ages. According to the Russian experts from the Microbiological Institute in Moscow, and they advise to strengthen your immune system even more, because it is the only prevention to stay healthy for your whole life.

Good to know!

The risk to be infected with the flu is ten times greater in the morning than at night.