A Water Chart Showing How Much Water You Need To Lose The Water Weight. Unique For Every Body Type

The mother Nature has the bets natural elixir of health, beauty and well-being and that is water.

The water gives us energy for the whole day, hydration, good complexion, better health and even weight loss.

But many people still do not get the importance of water drinking for the health and losing weight too. With good hydration you boost the health and stop pounds to pile up.

In a survey was shown that most of the Americans do not drink enough water daily and this causes many problems like weight loss issues and similar.

A recent study said 2 water glasses per day means losing 5 lbs per year and also keeping the healthy weight you already have.

If 2 glasses water per day help with this, then imagine what else can happen if you get all the water the body needs?

Having the right amount of water means less craving and less over eating while the metabolism gets boosted. Often, if you are dehydrated the body confuses this for hunger or juice thirst and we eat instead of drinking water.

But, can you estimate the water amount you need as to your weight? We have some tricks for this to help you find out more and lose weight the easy way.

See what your body weight is. The daily water amount depends on the weight you have, so be precise.

The water amount needed varies and a 200 lbs man has to drink more water than a 100 lbs woman.

Now, take the weight and divide in half. For the daily water needs, divide like such: 180 lbs = 90 oz, so you need 90 oz water per day.

Now about activity. The activity level influences the water amount too since every activity can make you sweat and lose water that you have to replenish again. So, you need 15 oz water for every 30 minutes of workout.

Also, this chart below helps you see the water intake per day.

Also, this can be hard in the beginning but increasing water doses daily is important a lot and you may even think 100 oz daily is too much, but it isn’t.

At first, have 2 cups water before every meal, or minimum 48 oz daily. Also, have water after waking up and before sleeping too, so this is another 32 oz, and the rest is for the whole day throughout.

We advise also to try a container for water that calculates the amount in it.