Use The Lemon For The Pain In The Knee

The knee pain can be really tough and appears at every age and gender too. It can be caused of injuries, arthritis, overloaded knee and more.

Read more to see how lemons are used for such pain.

In case of sharp pain this means the knee is injured already or you have worked the legs too much. See a doctor if the pains is unbearable.

What we have for you is a natural cure that will help you fast.


  • 1-2 lemons
  • Sesame oil


Take the lemons and chunk them up in pieces. Then get a cloth or cotton. Tie the chunks in that and dip the cloth in the oil. Place that on the knee for 10 min and do this 2 times daily to make the pain disappear.

Also, drink the lemon juice with warm water every morning for overall health. always hungry before this drink!