Sprouts: perfectly balanced cure of the nature (and how to be cultivated at home)

The new sapling of the grain cereal is a huge source of energy and vitality. Russians, except for food, use it for strengthening of the immunity, rejuvenation of all organs and release of the accumulated toxins and radioactive substances.

Why people need sprouts?

The seeds and the sprouts (from any herb) contain whole reserve nutrients necessary for the growth of each sapling, and the development of a new plant. Sprouts contain different vitamins, necessary fatty acids, and minerals. If you grind the grains into flour, they will lose most nutrients, but if you leave them to germinate –  they will increase the content of vitamin E and the vitamins of the group B. In the germinated stubs will also appear and vitamin C, which is not even in the seeds.

Cultivation of sprouts

With a high value are considered sprouts that reached a length from four to five millimeters, with the visible part who should be a two or three millimeters. It is best to start from the cultivation of wheat, because it gives good results even in the inexperienced beginners. Soak grains of thoroughly washed wheat with fresh non-chlorinated water for four – six hours. Then strain this water. If you hold the beans in water for more than seven hours, it is less likely that they will germinate. It is enough to wash the wheat three times, and when the water is completely clean, drain the swollen grains, shake them and pour them into a deep and wide plate, which you will cover (or just put a plate on top) to avoid the beans to dry, then put it in the refrigerator so they cannot mildew. For two days will appear sprouts, that you can separate from the beans and use them as a supplement to meals, salads… Also, you can only sweeten and sprinkle them with cinnamon – you will get healthy sweet.

How to choose the grains?

The seeds of the common herbal crops are good for germination, which can be purchased in herbal shops: wheat, rye, barley, all kinds of beans, sunflower seeds or peanut seeds… It is really important to buy the seeds especially from a healthy food store, because those that are for harvesting can be treated with toxic chemicals. Grains that will emerge on the surface during the washing –  immediately discard them, and the seeds suitable for germination it is required to pasteurize them before immersion.

Pasteurizing of the grains – preheat the oven to 70-80 degrees Celsius, and then the washed beans distribute them evenly in pan and place them in the oven for 3-5 minutes. Don’t overheat the oven, because the grains will be burnt and will not give sprouts. By the way, if in 48 hours the beans don’t give sprouts, then throw them away because they are not good for eating.

Rye grains

The rye requires more care than the wheat, so you will have to wash it after the first hour of its immersion. Repeat this process every next hour, for four times.