Everyone have heard regarding the diversity baking soda shows, also everyone knows that it is possible to use when you are cooking and cleaning, furthermore into a bunch of treatments regarding a huge number of medical conditions, all of this is possible due to the thanks to its healing and curing characteristics baking soda has. Moreover, each day there is something new and unknown regarding this incredible ingredient, things which makes us fall in love with it all a whole lot more.

Baking soda it is very useful for making better the quality of the hair, plus it cleans it thoroughly from any type of conditioner or leftovers of shampoo, with this baking soda it provides the hair with a shiny, healthy look only after a couple treatments. You can use this and stop using your regular shampoo and you are going to be very surprised from the results you get.

If your wish is to 100% natural cosmetic products, plus you like the DIY projects, well I am glad to tell you that this recipe is the most amazing thing for you. To be honest, it is extremely difficult to find in the stores natural shampoos, so instead of going around the stores and looking for natural shampoo you try and make one of your own? Also, you won’t have to put up anymore your hair to those bad, harmful chemicals, instead you are going to make the following shampoo and you are going to love the benefits it gives to you.

Probably at first you are going to have difficulties and problems washing the hair without having the foam that shampoos always make, however after a couple of times washing it you are not going to have any more issues. Also, to be honest the results at the end that you will get will be incredibly good and you will like them a lot.


Make a mixture of 1 part of baking soda with 3 parts of water into one little squeeze bottle. According to the length of your hair, you can adapt the doses you are going to put, let’s say for example, if your hair has the length until the hair, you should make a mixture of two or three tablespoons of baking soda plus 3 times that amount of water.

Then, you should put the shampoo over your wet or dry hair, you should begin with the roots and continue going downstairs until the end of the hair. Let it stay like that for approximately 1 to 3 minutes and then wash it off. Probably, it is going to be strange for you to wash the hair and there won’t be any foam, however as time passes you are going to get used to that. When you get to witness the results you will be asking yourself why you have waited for so long. Just you have to remember that the water you will use afterwards to wash and clean the hair from the shampoo should be warm.

After all of this, you are going to clean the hair using apple cider vinegar. Prepare a mixture of one part of ACV together with four parts of water, also if you cannot handle the smell, then you can put a couple of drops of the essential oil which you like the most. This you have the chance to it to rinse before everything and then simply put in into a squeeze bottle inside your toilet. Tilt your head backwards and make sure you don’t get any of the vinegar in your eyes

Then, move the head from one side to the other, but always keep your eyes closed in order to avoid the chance of having some of the mixture made of vinegar to get in your eyes. Put the apple cider vinegar rinse all over the length of the hair and that would be all, you will finish.

After a couple of treatments have passed you are going to notice that you have a hair which is much more shiny, healthy and stronger than ever before!