Remove Lower Back Pain In 7 Minutes With This Method

A lot of people have lower back pain. It is from mild to serious and intense.

But, this can be resolved. These stretches we have for you take just few minutes and then you can be active as before.

1. Lying hamstring-lie on the back and stretch the hamstring by pulling one leg upward. The other is straight and after 30 seconds switch legs.

2. Cobbler– put feet together on the ground, sitting, hold the ankles and after half minute make a 10 second break and repeat.

3. Knee to chest– lie on the floor and pull the knee toward the chest, stay that way half a minute and do it with the other leg.

4. Spinal stretch– lie on the back and have one leg crossed over the other. The back is straight on the ground and stay for half a minute, then switch legs.

5. Piriformis syndrome stretch– lie on the floor on the back and one leg is on 90 degree angle. Cross one leg over the raised above head leg. After 30 sec. switch legs. This looks like sitting on a chair with crossed legs, except on the floor.

6. Quad stretch– lie on the floor and pull one leg backward. After half a minute, switch with the other.

7. Lunges– put one leg forward and the other stays backward. Bend down and the behind leg must remain straight. After 30 seconds, switch.

What causes lower back pain:

A lot of things cause this issue. Mostly it is due to inactivity and sitting a lot. Reduce the pain by doing these stretches, and look the video below. If you do not react In time, the pain can worsen, so talk with the doctor.