Push The Following Points On The Feet Of The Baby In Order For Them To Stop Crying Instantly

Reflexology is really old and antic type of practice that was often used in the period of ancient China. But after a really great results in Asia it came to be really popular in Western World as well and became licensed medical treatment that can help in different types of physical problems and pains.

Because Reflexology is considered like one of the less dangerous and hard treatment in medicine, it become one of the best way to keep the babies calm. Since babies really don’t have a way to tell you what is the problem or where is the pain, crying is the only way to call for help. Because of that Reflexology found really effective and harmless way to find out what is the baby problem, but also to cure the symptoms and the pain to stop. Great way to calm the baby!!!

Reflexology-Use this guide to help your babies

It is well known that babies show far more sensitivity that an adult person and this is mostly because they feel the physical touch far stronger than man ever will. The natural way of calming the babies or crying children is always to find a way to comfort them as much as we can. Mostly we do that by hugging them or scratch their backs. Because of all these Reflexology is considered perfect type of treatment for kids.

Using Reflexology means that you will need to press different type of pressure on different areas of the body, mostly on the feet. It is proven that this practice can help in different types of health problems mostly connected to the part of the body we make the pressure on.


Best way for solving the problems that the babies has with the teeth or the head is by rubbing and to slowly pressure the tips on the toes. With this you can treat a lot of problems that happens around the head correctly said everything that is happing above the neck area. This technique is really effective and helpful in the process of growing the teeth when the pain can cause really big problems and by pressuring the right spot on the tips of the toes you can help the bay to get through this process of teething really easy.


The place where we need to apply the pressure on the foot to stop the pain in the sinuses is lower than the place we use for head and teeth problems and is almost the same like the localization of the sinuses in the head and that is between the head and the teeth. Making strong pressure on the center on the toe can help solving a lot of problems with the sinuses or reducing them to minimum. Something like running nose, cold, some respiratory problems, pain in the head cause by the sinuses, etc. Although you won’t gone cure the disease with this you will lower the symptoms at the minimum.


The area that is connected to the pain in the chest is localized over the arch correctly said on the top of the foot the part that will touch the ground when we walk. This pressure on this area can help both the chest and the sinuses but the effects are far better on the chest. It can help in situations of chronic colds that can cause far more better problems than coughs. I a lot of studies till now is shown that this practice is very helpful in every type of congestion.

Solar Plexus

This term is used to describe a really complex combination of nerves that are localized somewhere between the stomach area and the lungs. It really hard to be told what cause the pain in this area mostly because we have a lot of different nerves ending in the area that can cause pain, but is proven that by using reflexology close to the up part of the arch of the foot we can help a lot in lowering the symptoms. The area on which we need to pressure the spot is between end of the arch and the part that is touching the ground while walking.

Upper and Down Abdomen

The part that is connected to the abdomen is the whole arch of the foot. The part that represent the upper part of the abdomen is connected to the upper part of the foot and the lower part of the abdomen with the rest of the foot. Pressuring the part that is in the upper part of the foot can help the baby with any kind of digestive problems like bowel obstruction and heartburn. By pressuring the other part of the foot we are solving some post-digestive problems like constipation and bloating, which is one of the most common problem with the baby’s crying.


The pelvic area is correlated with the heel of the baby. By pressuring that area we can relax the baby’s pelvic muscles and solve the postural problems.

Finally, after reading this article you have to remember that Reflexology can only help with lowering the pain caused by different conditions and other types of symptoms like congestion. No matter how you do the treatment you cannot be a cure when it comes to some diseases and never to be considered as a medicine that can help your baby. It is only use to give some comfort to the baby in moments of pain and discomfort but never to cure the illness. If the baby shows any kind of symptoms that cannot be lower with the Reflexology you call or visit you doctor immediately.