Mix Salt And Oil And Remove Any Pain

The issue called cervical osteochondrosis can be real severe pain. But it is treated. Try this recipe and reduce the pain for a long time, even forever. Make a mix of this and massage the areas with just salt and veggie oil.

This mix is good for the whole method to last. Just mix 10 tbsp salt and 20  tbsp oil olive or sunflower.


When you mix these put them in bottle or jar. After few days they will be lighter.

Apply on the skin every morning and massage it where the pain is. Start with 3 min massage and add more to reach 20 min after some time. When done, wipe with a cloth.

Sometimes, this mix can irritated skin so wipe really nice and use clean cloth that is dry. In the end apply baby powder.

This method is great for 10 days and makes better blood flow and rejuvenation of muscles. Also the bones will be healthier but tissues and cartilages too. After 10 repeats, results are seen.

This means the neck and spine will get better blood flow and the vision will improve too. So more detox and better metabolism too.

This might make you sleepy or dizzy but this is just rarely. No side effects!