Mix Lemon And Olive Oil And You Will Want This Constantly!

It is bad to feel tired after waking up right? So, if you suffer from this, read on more. The drink we have here is for a body cleanse of toxins and making you feel great all day long. It is even medicinal for many problems.

This combo is of lemon and olive oil and the oil is even called liquid gold. At least the Greeks  and Romans called it this way due to the healthy fats and lowering the cholesterol. For detox is perfect. We all must consume this oil. When it is gotten, the virgin extra needs little or no processing so it keeps all nutrients and minerals.

The lemon is the healthiest fruit in the world. It has minerals, vitamins, nutrients and antioixdants. Also has potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, proteins, carbs and even vitamin B. the Flavonols there keep us safe from free radicals.

They can cure:


This mix is great for digestion and mucus in those organs. It uplifts the liver and gallbladder in the health and makes the detox and digestion better.


This oil’s fatty acids keep you overall healthy and the heart healthy too. It removes the bad cholesterol and makes the blood flow better.


This removes inflammation and joint pain too. Have it before breakfast and after waking up.


This stops stones and gallstones so take it before breakfast. Mix the lemon and oil, add water and sip this. After an hour, have breakfast because this will speed up the whole detox.