A Marvelous Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using To Treat Cancer

The marijuana has entered again into the main stream consciousness because of the recent reports that the herb has enormously huge potential and characteristics to cure and treat cancer. The molecules that are found in the plant are called cannabinoids and are found in the human body when people use the marijuana and the cannabinoids are attached to the receptors that can be already found in place. Our bodies have no problems handling this stuff.

So, the human body releases the formed endocannabinoids which have a lot of positive effects, for example those effects can be the regulation of cell growth. All of this is shown by the fact that our body has the necessary receptors for the chemical, which actually expresses that we can consume this plant and all of the positive effects the chemicals have on our system just points out that fact even more.

Smoking the cannabis is one of the most famous ways how we can consume it, however the fire releases a lot of chemicals that cause harmful effects.  Rick Simpson, is a well-known pioneer in the field of medical cannabis. He understood and learn into details the process of production of cannabis oil and gave away the information and expressed his expertise to the world for free.

You can visit Rick’s website and show your support for his work, but until you do that here we will give you a shorter version on how you can make hemp oil.

One ounce of dried herb is what you will need. That means that from the one ounce you will have approximately 3-4 grams of oil, however the amount of oil gained of an ounce varies from strain to strain. You will have two ounces of high quality oil from one pound of dried material.

This is ESSENTIAL: All of the instructions given here are taken and summarized from the website of Rick Simpson. You have to be EXTREMELY careful when you start boiling the solvent off because the fumes are very dangerous and flammable. Also, you will have to stay away from smoking, sparks, stove-tops and elements of red hot heating. You will take a fan and you will use it to blow the fumes away from the pot, plus you will perform the whole process into a very good ventilated area.

1. So, you will use a plastic bucket where you will put the completely dried material.

2. Then, you will make wet the material of the solvent that you are using. You can use solvents as much as you want [solvent-free option]. Also, you are allowed to use pure naphtha, ether, butane, 99% isopropyl alcohol, or surprisingly water. If you want to take out the THC from one pound then you will need two gallons of solvent, while for an ounce you will need 500 ml.

3. Next, you will use a stick of clean, untreated wood or some other instrument like this one in order to smash the material of the plant. It doesn’t matter that the material it is going to be damp, still you will be able to smash it because it will be very dry.

4. You will proceed with smashing the material with the stick and while you are doing that you will continue to put the solvent until the material of the plant is fully covered and soaked. Then for about three minutes you will stir the mixture. So, by doing this in the meantime the THC is disintegrated from the material and goes straight into the solvent.

5. Next, take another bucket and put in it the mixture of the solvent oil from the plant material. Until that moment you will have emptied approximately 80% of the THC.

6. When you wash it for the second time, you will put solvent to the mixture again and then you will need another three minutes to take out the THC that was left.

7. You will use the bucket with the first mix and you will put this mixture of solvent oil into that bucket.

8. Get rid of the plant material that was washed two times.

9. Pour the solvent oil mixture through a coffee filter into a clean container.

10. Then, you will use a rice cooker in order to boil the solvent off very good, also it will keep a half gallon of the solvent mixture. Be very careful and keep away from stove-tops, red hot elements, sparks, cigarettes and open flames because their fumes are very burnable.

11. Then, you will keep putting the solvent into the rice cooker and you will stop when the rice cooker is ¾ full and then you will turn the heat on HIGH. Again, be careful when you are performing the whole process into a good ventilated area and use a fan to blow away the solvent fumes. You will keep adding the mixture into the cooker while the solvent evaporates and you will be finished when you have put the whole material into the cooker.

12. You will put approximately 10 drops of water in order to get a pound of dry material, while the level in the rice cooker reduces for one last time. In this way you will unleash the rest of the solvent and you will give protection to the oil of being exposed to too much heat.

13. When you get one inch of solvent-water mixture into the rice cooker, then use your oven mitts and take the unit up and move the contents in a twisting way and stop when the solvent finishes with the process of boiling.

14. When the solvent finishes with the process of boiling put the cooker on LOW heat. The oil has to be at 290 degrees F or 140 degrees C and it can’t be on more than that.

15. Then, again you will use the oven mitts in order to take off the pot that is consisted with the oil from the rice cooker. After you do that you will carefully put the oil into a steel container, a container that has to be stainless.

16. Put the container into a dehydrator, or also you can use a coffee warmer machine as a heating device. In a couple of hours the water and the volatile terpenes will evaporated from the oil. It will be prepared for you to use it when the oil has no more surface activity of any kind.

17. Put the oil up into a plastic syringe, or into another container that you think it will be good to use it. However, it is better if you stick up to the syringe, because the oil will be distributed easily with the syringe. You will notice that the oil is going to be like a thick grease once the oil cools completely.

If you want to have even more information you can visit and see everything on the website of Rick Simpson.

This article has been originally published on Minds.com which is an open source blog.