How to improve your blood circulation

Blood circulation

Is responsible for supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and when blood flow is not intensive enough, there may be symptoms of malnutrition. Poor circulation usually occurs in the limbs, and is usually caused by a passive lifestyle, as well as some vascular diseases due to obesity or diabetes. Symptoms that indicate poor blood circulation are numbness, tingling or pangs, pain in the limbs and cramps. If this condition is not treated promptly, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Here are a few ways to restore proper circulation.

  1. Exercise

    Regular exercise will boost the circulation of blood. Choose a physical activity in which you will enjoy yourself and at the same time encourage the heart to pump as much blood. This could be walking, cycling, running, swimming …

  2. Massage

    Improves circulation, stimulating the flow of blood in the area that is massaged. Parts of the body can become strained and inflamed due to poor circulation. By massaging these muscles, you can get rid of toxins much faster and promote the circulation of blood.

  3. Healthy diet

    A healthy and well-balanced nourishment will make the blood vessels more elastic and permeable and in this way it increases the blood flow in the body. Consume more vegetables, fruit, grains and healthy fats, and avoid processed foods, food high in sugar, salt and unsaturated fat.

  4. Stretching

    Sitting for long periods of time can slow down circulation. After every hour spent in a sitting position – 15 minutes should be spent on movement and light exercise. Walk, do squats, rotate your arms …

  5. Drink as much water as you can

    Good hydration of our body enables the organs to work properly. Not only does drinking water raise the level of oxygen in the blood it also improves the circulation.

  6. Lift your legs when you sit

    use a stool, and when you lie down, put a cushion under your feet. This will accelerate blood circulation and enable you to relax much faster.

  7. Feel the benefits of hydrotherapy

    Warm water relaxes the muscles, and enhances blood circulation. Also, it is a good opportunity to massage your body or even perform a body peel to further stimulate the circulation. Inhaling steam from a hot bath opens the airways and increases the supply of oxygen to the lungs, which is, again, positively affects the blood flow and increases the levels of blood oxygen.

  8. Avoid tobacco smoke

    Smoking causes a long list of health problems and decreased circulation can be found on this list. If you smoke, it is the right time to give up smoking.

  9. Using Ginkgo biloba

    Gingko biloba does wonders for the bloodstream, and thereby helps in strengthening the memory. It is available in tablets and capsules, or as a liquid extract or tea.

  10. The hot and cold Shower treatment

    Taking hot shower and turning cold water stimulates the blood flow and guarantees “ice” cold feet. It’s not very pleasant, but it works one hundred percent.

How to improve your blood circulation