First aid in case of sciatica

Everybody wants to help when the problem is sciatica… We asked the Russians what to do when we have sedentary inflamed nerve? The neurosurgeon Vladimir Orlov has the right answer! Read this article to find out what is the best way to cure sciatica and which exercises we should do.

Sciatica (the inflammation of the sedentary nerve) often appears by pressing the spine after injury, osteochondrosis (reduction of bone density in the cross section), hernia (a herniated disc), inflammation of the joints and organs of the pelvic… The risk group includes people who move less, and older people. As a rule, except the prescribed medicines, complex treatment also includes gymnastics. Here are four groups simplest and most useful exercises in case of sciatica. Each of them you can do 5-6 times a day, carefully and without rushing. Intensify the exercises gradually (from 10 to 15 times), and the whole cycle do it once a day and at least three times a week. Make more force on that leg in which you feel the pain.

  • Walking with raising the knees very high;
  • Slow tilting of the body to the right and left;
  • Swinging with the right foot sideways and backwards, with hand leaning on the wall;
  • Leaning forward (cannot be done in case of severe pain in the back surface of the thighs).
Lying on your back
  • Maximum straighten the aching leg to stretch the muscles of the back surface of the thigh (hamstring). Pull the fingers towards you and then bring them back to their original position;
  • Straighten your leg, then make a circular motion with your foot in the clockwise direction;
  • Dispose your leg to the side, bent at the knee, and then return it to its initial position;
  • Bend your leg at the knee, then gently extend it (forward and up) and return it to starting position.
Lying aside
  • Bend your legs and then pull them to the stomach and again straighten them;
  • Bend one leg at the knee, and the other (the aching one) extend it and discard it forward;
  • Do the same thing, but now the painful leg thrown backwards.
  • Alternately, swing gently with your legs up and down, leaning on your hands;
  • With the upright leg (the aching one) make a few circular movements;
  • The leg bent at the knee to pull it to the stomach, and then throw it backwards, straighten it, and put it in the starting position;
  • Slowly kneel on your heels, and then return to starting position.
You should know this!

Nervus ischiadicus is the longest and heaviest nerve of the body, and consists of five smaller nerves – it is totally long one meter and a half. On his way he starts from the eyebrows and ends under the heel bone. Often happens that women plucking their eyebrows, inadvertently to cause inflammation of the nerve. Therefore, women should be very careful. This also applies to men who nourish that part of the face.