From Fatty To Healthy Heart -Diet Tips And Information

The fat that is accumulating around the liver, has an impact on your overall health, and also it affects the heart which is a vital organ as same as the liver.  The fat around your heart makes the fatty heart. Although for years we thought that the fat that is accumulating around your heart is harmless, recent researchers show that the fat can have a huge effect on the healthy function of your heart, by putting a pressure around it.

Number one cause for fatty heart is the obesity. This problem becomes more serious for people that are way over their healthy weight. The pressure that is applied by the fat on the heart makes the muscles of this vital organ undergo atrophy (“thanks” to the cells degeneration). When the muscles of the heart are atrophied, its power is reduced, and this causes the heart action to be slowed down.  Obese individual with this condition will experience some symptoms and signs such as: Cyanosis, palpitation, difficult breathing, general distress, dizziness and maybe fainting.  Also the fatty heart can lead you to a cardiac arrest, which results in death. It is a disease that is very harmful and serious; never ever take it for granted.

But, Yes there is always but. Did you knew that the fat around you heart can be melted off? First of all you should start exercising right away and put yourself on a healthy diet. Just follow these advices.

  • Say no to fried foods, they have trans-fat, a fat that is not good for you at all. So, next time when you buy snack, search for the ones with ‘’0 trans-fat”.
  • Reduce the pork and red meat intake! Switch them with eggs, chicken and fish. These products are a great provider of protein.
  • Don’t consume the processed meats (sausages and bacon), they are full of toxins. Next time when you are in the butchers shop, ask for grass-fat sources, and buy the lean parts only.
  • We advise you to add a healthy fat in the daily diet. This way you will tone down the bad fat in the body. Try: Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados, etc.
  • Switch the oils that are cold pressed with olive oil.
  • Include more vegetables and fruits in your everyday diet. This way you will supply the body with nutrients that can help you lose the extra weight in a healthy and effective way.
  • Consume more oily fish like: salmon, halibut, tuna, trout, sardines, etc. The omega 3 consistency will give you a healthier heart.
  • Try brown and wild rice, and pasta and breads made from whole grains. These products are full with dietary fiber and they will help you reduce the bad cholesterol and the extra weight.

Keep away from the refined sugar. By the consummation of refined sugar you can trigger inflammation. This way you will solve problems like: obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.