Experts Found A Cancer Cure 60 Years Ago And This Was A Secret All Along

Dr. Johanna Budwig was Nobel Prize nominee 6 times and she must be respected. In her career she cured more than 90% of cancer cases people. This was cured permanently with no toxins and no side effects. Due to this success she became the enemy of pharmaceutical industries  and she was suppressed by them ever since 1950 and this is the reason why we all do not use the Budwig Protocol.

We have the answer for cancer but sadly Americans do not listen. They observed her methods and were amazed. But, they want to take those methods and make money of them. Budwig stated this would never happen.


The Big Pharma makes fortunes from deathbed people, so the healthy ones make no money for them. So, the cancer industry does not want the cure to cure you, but to sell it to you.


The radiation, toxicity and acidity are the culprits causes for cancer. The acidosis is final stage in all of this and the body becomes acidic, meaning less oxygen carrying in tissues. The blood oxygen in a healthy person is between 98-100 with pulse oximeter, but in cancer is just 60. The cancer people oxygen is replaced with waste materials and carbon dioxide. This makes tumor cells and mutations so you get energy from sugars only. This is an unclean process and the fermentation wastes become even more toxic. This makes more acidosis and starves the cells of oxygen. So in the end you get more and more cancer cells and this is fatal. All these facts are proven by science and by Dr. Otto Warburg who got the Nobel Prize in 1931.

The oxygen is the most important weapon for cancer. The Budwig Protocol makes more oxygen supply by just making the pH more normal and neutral for you to reach alkalinity and get blood filled with oxygen.

This protocol is based on solution of quark cheese and flaxseed. She said the healthy so called fat-free diets are awful. She removed the bad fats and foods that steal the oxygen and replaced them with healthy ones. Also she said sunlight is vital and the best source of vitamin D3 for fighting cancer.


This is of 2 stages; the first is natural and you mix sulfur and protein of the quark cheese and omega 3 fats of flaxseed. Budwig said the body can make omega 3 acids of flaxseed oil as much as we need. With no such fat acids, the enzymes for respiration do not work well and we can suffocate. Deficit in such healthy fats impairs many vital works. First, we get less oxygen. Then we cannot get air and food and get sicker.

This is taken orally but in terminal cases it can be taken as enema. The 2nd part of the method is a special diet regime. The patients follow a method for 6 months and regardless of the signs.


You need:

  • 1 cup quark cheese
  • 2-5 tbsp flax seed oil or 10 supplement pills OR 1-3 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • Cayenne

This is mixed in the right way and taken once daily. Mix this with wooden spoon and NOT metal.


  • No shugar and grape juices or other juices
  • No animal fats no lard, dripping, fatback
  • No salad dressings
  • No commercial cayenne
  • No mayonnaise
  • No non-organic red meats
  • No margarine and butter
  • Have fresh carrot, celery and beet juice
  • Warm tea 3 times daily like mint, grape or rosehip. Honey instead of sugar in it.
  • Chemical-free diet
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No processed foods
  • Less meds and chemicals
  • No sodas
  • No bottled water and tap water, no fluoride
  • Just freshly made meals


  • Use flax safe from air, light and heat, cold pressed and raw
  • No fish oil and non-flax foods with omega 3
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Take chlorophyll supplements
  • Have green drinks all the time
  • Have vitamin C but no more than 5 g daily to avoid stress on the kidneys
  • No sunscreen items
  • No white bread, rice, salt, sugar, flour and anything with chlorine
  • No table salt
  • Replace soaps, detergents and bleaches with healthy options
  • No canola and soy
  • Have 1 tsp cold pressed coconut oil daily
  • Oxygen drink few times a day


6 of her books can be found in German and 3 of them are in English.

  • Oil protein cookbook
  • Cancer – the problem and the solution
  • Flax oil as a true aid against arthritis, heart infarction, cancer and other diseases

At last we have to mention that this protocol was due to the great efforts of dr. Budwig and was made available due to the fatty acids. The mix of cottage cheese and flax oil is more than just cooking mix.