Encourage good behavior in your child

Positive parenthood refers to simulating the kid only to find the ways of constructive behavior. There are techniques that perfectly act on the baby, encourage good behavior and turns it into habit, while to the older children they can stop “outbursts” and other forms of disobedience. If your little one starts to host “performances”, then using these techniques can calm it down. On the list of parental skills is mastering these methods:

Detaching attention

If you notice that the kid is giving resistance because of something that it wants or wants to make a scene on a public place, distract him to something else. And if you have a baby, then it will be enough just to show it something nice and colorful, to open a book or story book and start to read carefully and aloud. To older children this method not always works, but some interesting toy and sport prop probably will do its work.

Another technique for successful detaching attention is to make something that will surprise your kid. For example, you can start with dancing around, to talk with funny and different voice, or even to make silly faces. This, of course, will change your current mood and it will ease the anger that your child feels at that moment.

Prepare your child for something that you plan to do without it:

The explanation for something that can happen sooner will help your kid to feel safe. For example, maybe you and your husband decided to go out that night, and you arranged someone from the neighborhood to look up for him. Try to explain you the kid where are you going, with whom you are going, what will you do, and who will take care for him for that time. Tell him that you will be at home when he will go to bed, and after that his aunt or grandmother will come. Also, tell him that when he wakes up the next morning he will find you at home, and everything will be the same as it was before. This approach will give to your child sense of security in regard of what is happening, and that will make it easier to accept the situation. Because of the fact that the little one knows what is happening, it will feel equally important.

Delegation of responsibilities

If the straining and the conflict usually happen in same situations, as going to the supermarket, then assign your child with “special task”. This will be fun and positive experience for the both of you. When you are in the supermarket, ask your kid to take smaller and unbreakable products, or to choose fruits and to measure it. With this you will include the kid in the process of shopping.

Playing positive roles

Do this when your kid is pleased and calmed. Include the toys that your kid has in the game. Tell him that the teddy “is very sad”, and ask your kid to do something to comfort the teddy. Also, act a situation from the real life, which was so problematic to your child, but this time suggest him to find constructive solution.

These methods are very good for improving the child’s behavior. Using them won’t be a problem, but it has time to practice them and learn how to use them properly. Try to do that and you will be grateful.