Ditch The Light Bulb That Can Make Migraines And Cancer!

We all pay a lot of money on electricity bills and need to reduce this. So we search for other solutions for effective home items. One is energy saving light bulb.

These save money, and are eco friendly too. Sadly, the US Environment Protection Agency warns us to avoid these since they are toxic.

If the bulb breaks, it can release toxic gas in the area.

Often, we do not care much for disposing broken glass and bulbs in the bin properly. But this is even worse. If the bulb breaks it can release in the air 20 times more mercury and cause such problems:

  • Dizziness
  • Cluster headache
  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • Seizure
  • Bad focus
  • Fatigue

Also, you must know that these energy saving bulbs increase cancer risk. Stay away from them. Choose the old yellowish bulbs the old fashioned ones.

If you still do not think you could switch the bulbs, here are more reasons why:

1. Yes, the energy saving bulbs save the energy of course. But they have mercury and that is a neurotoxin that pregnant women must stay away from, and kids too. It damages the liver, brain, kidneys and nervous system too. Also it damages the heart, reproductive system and immunity.

2. Carcinogen- a study of the Alab lab in Berlin stated that these bulbs can cause cancer.

3. Phenol- not just the mercury, these bulbs have phenol and this is acidic crystalline from coal tar. And is toxic too.

4. Naphthalene- again another white crystalline that is unhealthy. It is gotten from distilled coal tar and is used for mothballs and other chemical items for the house.

The bulbs you have at home are like in comparison to the Sun let’s say. They reflect UV rays, UV-B and UV-C radiation.  The more exposed you are, the more you can get skin cancer risks. Switch to the old bulbs and keep everyone in the home healthy.