How dangerous is the mold in your home?

What to do if in the corners of the room settles mold, i.e. how to fight with the fungi that unconsciously we breathe in and which are detrimental to our health

The strong smell of the moisture, a damage to the wallpapers and of the mortar, the moldy corners … seriously impair our health.

Spores of various fungi and mold are always in the air. Once you create favorable conditions for their development (winter, cold weather, drying clothes in the room, poor insulation, moisture …), the spores sprout and begin to grow. The areas affected by fungi and mold look ugly, and in time begin to decay. The products take on an unpleasant smell and become hazardous to health: when you eat moldy product, you can get severe poisoning, and regular use of such food can cause even cancer. Moreover, remember that toxic substances completely destroy the product, even if it is not totally covered with mold! But that’s not the only damage from the mold, the sprouted fungi release into the air millions of spores, that we unnoticeably breathe, which is also very damaging to our health.

A bomb with delayed effect

The mold incurs skin diseases – dermatoses and mycoses, as well as joint and rheumatic diseases. Also, mold affects the general subjective feeling (headache, weakness and drowsiness). Often causes allergies, and in many cases, asthma. The continuous existence of mold in the home irritates the lining of the nose and eyes. It occurs chronic sneezing, redness of the eyes, deterioration of vision, and a cough that is not related to disease. Mold is a particular risk for children, because their body is not resistant to the toxins. Constant exposure to fungus in children can cause pathological processes that will follow them throughout their whole life.

Benefiting from fungi we can have only in case of their industrial or chemical processing. However, useful products with mold and drugs based on fungus cannot be misused. In large quantities – acts fatally on the microflora of the organism.

Mold can be useful

Although we are assured in the destroying effect of the mold on the human body, we must add the following: it may sound strange, but the mold can also be helpful. In the food industry there are products with mold. They are made by special technology, have a particular taste and require appropriate storage conditions. For example, high-quality semi-sweet wines are made from grapes that during maturation is struck by the noble mold botrytis. In the production process of the Chinese yeast, which is widely used in the kitchens of the Far East, is used the white mold called mukor. Fungi of the Aspergillus variety are used for making soy sauce and sake. Fungal groups penicillin, powdery mildew and geotricium candidum are used to make different types of noble blue cheese. Penicillin brings the greatest benefit to the mankind because it is used in medicine too.

Russian folk remedies to combat fungus and mold:

  • If in your residential area you found fungi immediately start to fight with them! Besides special preparations, in that can also help you the folk remedies.
  • Don’t forget the rubber gloves, appropriate clothing and respirator. It is really important to keep your body safe.
  • The wall section covered with mold sprinkle it with baking soda, and then rub it with vinegar. During the chemical reaction – the fungal formations will be corroded.
  • The damaged parts of the walls are often treated with a mixture of 500 ml of water and two teaspoons of tea herb oil. The solution is applied in a sprayer on the specified part, which is then processed several times.
  • Mix 100g bluestone with 10l of water. Apply the finished solution on the wall with sprayer.
  • The moldy fungi can be certainly removed by the following mean: 0,9kg borax, 0,4kg boric acid, and 1,4l vinegar (all of that dissolve it in 10l water). Heat the solution at 50 – 70 degrees Celsius, and then spray it on the damaged area.

NOTE: The mentioned methods can help you to get rid of the mold which appeared by flood, poor ventilation or cold. In other cases, you need more radical measures.