Coffee kills the sorrow

The Institute for mental health in Moscow established? That the popular potion really stimulates the nervous system and alleviates depression, but you must take in consideration the doses.

For the virtues of coffee is written and is talked so often as for its harmfulness. Doctors at the Institute of Mental Health in Moscow confirmed the hypothesis that coffee significantly reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, relieves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and mental pains too. The coffee lovers even achieve much better sport results, than people who regularly drink tea.

How the caffeine acts

Before everything, caffeine through the brain acts on the central nervous system strengthening the cardiac contractions and accelerates the breathing and exchange of substances in general. Stimulates the work of kidneys and the ejection of urine. It dilates the blood vessels in the body and constricts those in the brain, whereby the blood pressure in the skull increases. However, that for a healthy person is not harmful, while for those who are suffering from low pressure is even desirable.

Potion of longevity

Recent extensive researches proved that people who start the day with a cup of aromatic coffee – are less prone to settling accounts with life: two – three cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of suicide. It turns out that the whole thing is in the neurotransmitters, chemicals that encourages the passage of nerve impulses across the synapse (connection between two nerve cells) and improves the mood, preventing the occurrence of depression.

Reduces the number of suicides

It turned out that the daily intake of two or more cups of coffee reduces the risk of depression by 20%, and that among the lovers of this drink has twice less suicides!

Enough – cups daily

In May last year are published the results of another study: observing 400,000 participants, scientists have proved that men who drank six cups of coffee a day have a 10% lower risk of sudden death than those who did not consume this drink. Antioxidants prevent the development of pathological processes in the body, and thus prolong life.

Coffee as a remedy

How the coffee acts to different diseases?

Parkinson’s disease: 100 mg of caffeine as a cup of coffee contains significantly reduces tremor and rigidity of muscles – symptoms of parkinsonism.

Liver cancer: Every day, four cups of coffee a day lower the risk of the occurrence of liver cancer.

Breast cancer: 4-5 cups of coffee daily lower the risk of breast cancer. The effect of protection, give the phytoestrogens – herbal substances which act on the body similar to the female hormones.

Diabetes: Russian university experts published a results from researches according to which six cups of coffee a day are enough for the risk of diabetes to be reduced by half.

Gallstones: A Russian medical journal recently reported that four cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of creating gallstones.

Arterial pressure: The most recent large research in Russia found that there is no harmful link between coffee consumption and increased risk of myocardial infarct. Moreover, as specified, the first 20 minutes after you drink a cup of coffee – you feel like washed, your working capacity and opportunities for remembering are increased. But then, the coffee calms you and makes you feel sleepy.


The article refers to very small cups of coffee, the ones that people used before. Also, keep in mind that the Russians do not make classic coffee like us. They make it much weaker, almost like tea. In a boiling water, Russians put only a teaspoon of coffee. It is not advisable drinking “like crazy” strong coffee!

Be careful!

One more thing we have to say to you: people with weak nervous system – especially in tense situations or physical and mental exhaustion – coffee is causing them distraction, inner restlessness, tachycardia, and even insomnia!