The Coconut Butter Is Better Than The Coconut Oil – Make It Yourself And Use It For Everything!

Every single day many new discoveries arise for health and foods and we cannot follow up fast enough. If you follow all things on the internet, you know by now that coconut oil is super healthy. You also might have used it and know firsthand that is awesome!

The coconut butter is better than the oil since the whole fruit meat is used and blended smoothly. Then it is left to reach solid shape. This oil is a simple extract of the coconut fruit meat.

If the oil is perfect, imagine the butter even! How to make it; the steps are simple and you just need COCONUT.

  1. Get the whole coconut if you get the chance. The brown one in special health stores is a ripe, old coconut. This is what you need since it is not too moist and there is more dry meat inside. From this ripe old coconut is the milk made too.
  2. If you do not get this type, then get coconut flakes but extra-dry and sugarless. Get them fresh and do not add sugar, do not roast them or get them with label fat-free.
  3. If you got a great blender like Vitamix, this is perfect. If you have food processor it is also useful but it takes more time to get the job done.
  4. Take 6 cups of the flakes and blend them.
  5. Turn the blender on fast speed for 2 minutes to make it extra smooth. For processor, stop and start over and over. In the end the meat must be smooth, thick and like butter.
  6. Now you can sense the smell and aroma of this homemade butter. Put it in a jar while is still not firm and let it cool and get hard. For hot climate areas, refrigerate.
  7. Enjoy this amazing butter. Eat it just like that, or put it on toast, in coffee for aroma, or with cinnamon as a treat.