Children and the strengthening of its immune system

Children are exposed to many viruses and bacteria in their everyday environment, so play with peers or stay indoors can cause frequent occurrence and spread of various infections. However, these factors will not equally affect all children. While some of them the immune system successfully fights against various microbes, others will often get sick from colds or flu. Following these steps, you can contribute to strengthen the immune system and thus to provide protection against a variety of microbes that can adversely affect the health of your child.

Make sure your child sleeps enough

Besides affecting the mental and physical development of the child, the required amount of sleep helps in the maintenance of health and prevention of infections. Poor sleep can lower the body’s resistance and increase the likelihood of various infections, but also affect their length and duration.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet provides a strong and healthy immune system. Nutritional deficiencies may increase susceptibility to viruses and bacteria, so it is recommended in the daily diet to insert fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, cereals, legumes…

Be careful with the intake of fluids

Make sure your child’s daily diet contains enough fluids in the form of water, milk or fruit juices rich in natural vitamins. Avoid drinks with high percentage of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Good fats

Your kids body needs a certain amount of unsaturated fat acids to stay healthy. They act to strengthen the immune system and protect the body in reaction to infection. Studies show that children who drink half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil per day have less severe respiratory infections.

Reduce the intake of sugars

Consuming sugar on the other hand reduces the number and function of white blood cells that help in the fight against various infections and increase the efficiency of the immune system. Besides, sugar is responsible for other diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems.

Natural products

For the immune system of the child, can help you some natural products. As for adults, and for children also is particularly recommended Echinacea, that acts stimulating of the immune system and has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory action. Along with echinacea, royal jelly consumption also affects the immune system in a positive way. Therefore, combine these products for best results.

Recreation and nature

Recreation is desirable from an early age and can greatly contribute to strengthening the immune system. Moderate physical activity encourages the creation of white blood cells, and staying in fresh air strengthens the child’s immune system. Active spent time in nature with your child will probably multiply and positively reflect on his health.

Avoid unnecessary giving of antibiotics

Today, for children are prescribed huge amounts of antibiotics that can severely weaken their immune system, but also to build a huge resistance to the drug. Instead of resorting to giving antibiotics when your child has only a virus or cold, try to act preventively with active effect of strengthening the immune system.

By following these steps, you can contribute to strengthen the immune system of your child and protect it from various microbes that can adversely affect its health.