Benefits Of Banana Blossom Flower

Lots of you perhaps hear of this for the first time and never seen it too. Buy them whole or with the first layer peeled but read more on how to use it and what the benefits are. Peel the red purple petals enclosed to see the core, noodle looking buds inside. They must be separated and salted, rubbed and soaked in water for 2 hours before using them in dish.  Or get them already packed and dry salted to save time. Soak the dry ones in hot water 3 times to remove excess salt.

It is similar to an artichoke in the structure and bitterness, but actually it is mild and more neutral than you think. You can use it in salad, soup and braised meat too or veggies since it is chewy and like noodles, also cheap and found anywhere!  It gives you nutrients a lot and is good in the taste especially with other veggies and meat combos. Simmer it the right way and you get a tasty dish.

Before the recipes, let us see the nutrition it gives.

For a cup of this blossom, you get:

  • 6 g fiber. Many bad modern diets like those in USA lack fibers and have lots of fats, carbs, sugars and this can damage you on the long run.
  • 6 g protein
  • 6 g fat and a healthy plant fat!
  • 10 g carbs that are digested easily + they contain antioxidants
  • 74 mg phosphorus and minerals. They all add in healthy teeth and bones and good usage of fats and carbs inside us. Even proteins are processed better for good health.
  • 56 mg calcium. To stop calcium excess deposits, workout often and get K2 vitamin of fermented kimchi.
  • 56 mg iron in cases for anemia. We are 70% iron (in the blood) so this is really crucial.
  • 13 mg copper that works together well with the iron bonding for healthy blood vessels and nerves, but bones too.
  • More than 500 mg potassium, vital for the heart and skeletal/muscular contractions.
  • Almost 50 mg magnesium for hundreds body functions; nerves, muscles, immunity, heart, bones, glucose/fat/protein processes
  • Vitamins A, E, C

The benefits of this blossom:

  • Combating infections
  • Better lactation in mothers and regulated PMS and period
  • Managed diabetes
  • Less anemia
  • Good for weight loss

Try to create Thai or Asian creative recipes and salads, since this noodle texture is amazing for this. Make soup with such blossoms and veggie wrap too. Also braise pork and beef with this.