Benefit Of Consuming Pickles

The pickles are rarely found in many dishes but when they are, it is in salads, hot dogs and some sandwiches. But, they are amazing and need more fame! They are nutritious too and in the right size, you can get healthy and delicious meals at the same time.


In the west all the pickles come from GHERKINS, cucumbers and such family veggie members. They are soaked in vinegar and salty water. The NSDA said they are moist, have fat, protein, carb, fiber, sugar, energy. Also minerals, potassium, iron and sodium and phosphorus even. The vitamins in them are: A, B12, B6, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin C.

You will benefit like this if you eat pickles:

1. Antioxidant– the pickles have antioxidants and these chase the free radicals away of the body.
2. Probiotics– the good belly bacteria in the gut is known as probiotic and makes the food digest in a good way. But, when we take meds and antibiotics, the micro flora inside is impaired and pickles refresh this good bacteria inside.
3. Hepatoprotective benefit– the liver is also kept healthy with pickles. Many studies said how chemical damage to the liver is eased up with consuming pickles and the damage was even reduced.
4. Ulcer health– if you have ulcer it means in the gastro tract there is a wound on a tissue. The mucous membranes are somehow damaged and impaired. This is due to hyperacid state and the pickles prevent ulcers to form from this.
5. Diabetes curing– other studies proved that pickles in vinegar make hemoglobin level healthy and this goes for diabetes too! The acetic acid controls the diabetes, and is found in the vinegar the pickles soaked in.
You see now that pickles deserve more credit due to health and nutrition benefit we get from them. Not every pickle brand is the same. Some have too much sugar or salt and this can worsen hypertension and diabetes.