6 Best Reasons To Eat Kiwi Daily

The kiwis are small but they are vitamin bombs and really nutritious.

Let’s see all the best reasons for eating this fruit.

Nice skin- this fruit has vitamin C and this makes the skin collagen better. Also this vitamin is great for giving you antioxidants against damage of sun and pollution. Wrinkles will be smoother and skin overall better.

Eye health- this fruit has lutein, a phytochemical. This is a carotenoid that stops age blindness. Also eyes are safer against free radical damage. Since the body cannot make lutein all the time naturally, eat kiwi.


The kiwi has potassium that negates the excess salt inside. Low potassium is risky for hypertension, just like sodium is. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey said less than 2% US people have the daily needed 4,700 mg potassium needs. Also, high potassium levels are linked to 20% less risk of death causes.


The kiwi has fiber and potassium for good heart health. more of this and less sodium is the essential diet good tip for less risk of heart issues. This high potassium intake is linked to reduced stroke risk, less muscle mass losing and keeping bone minerals dense against kidney stones.


Some studies said the kiwi can be like a mild laxative and is used in diet supplementation for those with constipation. Add kiwi daily and have regular bowels.


Studies shown eating such fruits is good for respiratory issues like asthma and wheezing. A Thorax study showed that more than 18.000 children ages 6-7, consumed citrus and kiwis (5 times per week) and they had 44% less chances of wheezing, compared to kids that ate this once in a week. Serious wheezing was reduced for 41%, short breaths by 32%, runny nose for 28%, night coughs for 27% and chronic coughs by 25%. Kids with asthma benefitted the most of this fruit when the study began.