31 Benefits Of Taking Cod Liver Oil

This oil is a good natural supplement known to many people. It is of good natural sources and has many minerals and vitamins. Also it is loaded with omega 3 good fatty acids. Benefits are limitless!

They are:

  • The mix of vitamin D and calcium stop fractures for elder people
  • Cholesterol is controlled and bad one is removed
  • Cancer is prevented (lungs, lymphoma, prostate and skin)
  • Inflammation is lessened
  • Tuberculosis is slowed or stopped and lung issues are prevented
  • Heart issues are no threat
  • Digestion is improved and constipation removed. Bowels work better too.
  • No headaches or migraines
  • Brain works better, memory is better too and there are no neuro damages.
  • Risk of lupus is lowered
  • Pregnant women are safe from birth defects, due to the vitamin D
  • Triglycerides are reduced
  • Psoriasis is treated, and skin is moisturized
  • Hypertension is lowered and LDL lowered too
  • Is a good Crohn’s disease supplement
  • Stops kidney damage and protects it
  • Keeps the inner ear safe of infections lessens itchiness and dry skin, removes irritation and skin issues
  • Healing is faster (wounds, burns, etc)
  • Reduces scars that are visible and brightens the dark spots.
  • Makes the immunity much better
  • Keeps the vision strong and healthy, treats eye issues
  • Speeds up hormones for weight loss and metabolism
  • Keeps the mental and brain state healthy and good, especially in depression and ADHD
  • Lowers diabetes 1 risks and diabetes 1 in kids
  • Removes pain in muscles
  • Treats rickets
  • Stops ulcers to appear
  • Aids the liver and removes its damage
  • Removes joint pain and stiff joints issues. Also aids in arthritis.

This oil is an extract of the Atlantic Cod liver. It is a cure for many health issues. Have a capsule or a tsp per day to be strong and healthy.