10 Very Important Signs of Heart Disease Which People Usually Ignore!

In 2008 17.3 million have died due to heart problems and is estimated that by 2030 approximately 23 million people will die every year because of cardiovascular problems. This makes the heart diseases the biggest troublemakers and murders of people.


Most people don’t ask for help when the first signs of hearts disease appear, one of the reasons why it is like that is because they don’t know the specific signs and even if they know they are not trying to do something because they believe it will disappear by itself. So, the easiest thing to do for people is to blame the pollution in the nature, the wrong diets and the bad lifestyle. Most CDVs problems are different for every person, in some people they are very strong, in other ones their effects are reduced.

Due to these reasons here we present you 10 of the most usual signs indicating heart problems and also we recommend you that if you notice one of these signs and they haven’t stop after a couple of hours or days you should immediately visit your doctor.

1. Breathing problems and dizziness

– If you don’t have asthma, problems with the lungs or chronical obstructions and you have problems breathing that is a definite sign of heart attack. The same goes when you feel dizzy.

2. Sickness

– Another problems that appears when you have a heart attack are: stomachache, vomiting,     indigestion or just signs of sickness.

3. Pressure

– If you have problems with the chest, if you feel some pressure over your chest it is a sign of heart attack.

4. Chest Pain

– However if you feel some chest pain it doesn’t always mean that you have heart problems, that is because sometimes we have no idea where this pain comes from. According to the dean of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Nursing in Little Rock, Mr. Jean C. McSweeney explained that the pain in the chest relating the heart usually appears under the breastbones, somewhere near the left side of the center. He expresses the pain like feeling of squeezing, pressure, fullness and also the more extreme explanation, it is as if an elephant is sitting on your chest.

5. Feeling Pain Elsewhere

– However, you can feel the pain in other parts of the body as well, it is not always the heart. Amy Thompson, a nurse at the cardiologic department at the British Heart Foundation, explains that the pain varies from left to right side of the chest and then continuing to the jaw and neck. Most of the patients with condition of heart attack have been admitted in hospital without any pain in the chest. This were the results presented from a research made in 2012 in U.S.

6. Anxiety

If you feel dizzy, with a sensation that you might faint or if you feel nervous and worried about your health, that is a clear sign that you have heart problems.

7. Looking Ill

– Before having a heart attack, people may look very pale, disturbingly ill, shaken and the blood pressure may drop to the lowest point.

8. Palpitations

– Increased heart beating combined with heavy breathing, weakness and dizziness are all signs of a heart attack or failure. Also, this could mean state of arrhythmia which if you don’t pay attention it can provoke stroke.

9. Feelings of weakness and tiredness

As the British Heart Foundation expressed, some people, especially women before having a heart attack felt very tired and weak.

10. Sweating

– Also, people before having a heart attack sometimes sweat a lot.

So, these are a couple of helpful signs how to recognize a condition of heart problems. Sometimes, you may have a heart attack and you don’t even know that. So, for whatever pain you feel in your chest visit your doctor immediately.